An outline of our events for 2022 will be coming soon.


December 2021

  • Report launch. See the Green Investment Report for Cumbria (here) and annex (here) (Dec 1, 2021). See the report launch agenda here. See notes of the launch (here). See the press release here.
  • Presentations: Anne Chapman – (here). Ian Callaghan, Ian Callaghan & Associates – (here). Ian Dickie, eftec – (here). Charlotte Eddington, Abundance Investments – (here). Peter Head, Resilience Brokers – (here). Alistair Kirkbride – (here). Michael Osborne, Arup – (here) and Ciara Shannon, EdenWorks Green and project lead – (here).

September 2021 Four Roundtables

  • Living and Natural Resources RoundtableSeptember 14, 2021 – Agenda (here). Supporting notes – Livestock sector land management ( here) and Community Woodland (here)
  • Presentations: Summary of Baseline Natural Capital Account for Cumbria to Inform Investment Decisions. Ian Dickie, eftec – (here). Agroforestry & Soil Management. Peter Head, (Resilience Brokers) (here)
  • Energy Efficiency and Retrofit RoundtableSeptember 16th, 2021 Agenda (here) and supporting notes (here)
  • Presentations: Outline of Retrofit Challenges and Opportunities. Anne Chapman (here). Financing Energy Efficiency and Retrofit. Ian Callaghan (here)
  • Sustainable Transport RoundtableSeptember 21, 2021. Agenda (here) and supporting notes (here)  
  • Presentations: From Paris Obligations to Investment in Cumbria’s Transport System. Alistair Kirkbride (here). Future-Proofing Transport – Cumbria’s Transport Plan, David Hughes, Cumbria LEP (here). EVs in Cumbria & infrastructure, Phil Davies, CAfS (here)
  • Renewable Energy Roundtable. Tuesday, September 28, 2021. Agenda (here) and notes (here).
  • Presentations: Financing the Just Transition. Prof Nick Robins, LSE, chair of project (here). A Glimpse into the Future. Helen Seagrave, Community Energy Manager, Electricity North West (here). Transformative and Targeted RE Ideas. Michael Osborne, Director, Arup (here). Overview of Community Energy in Cumbria. What is Happening – Locally and Nationally. Anne Chapman (here). Investing in Renewables – Snapshot Offshore Wind Farms. Charlotte Eddington, Investment Director. Abundance (here)


  • Agenda July 12, 2021 here. Recording – here . Passcode: =wz=8gSL
  • Presentations: Overview of the Green Investment Plan, Ciara Shannon, Director, EdenWorks Green and Project lead. (here). Perspectives on Green Investments in Cumbria. Jo Lappin, CEO, Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership (CLEP). (here). Investing in Natural Capital: A Baseline for Cumbria, Ian Dickie, Director, eftec. (here). Full report found (here). Transformational Energy Projects. Michael Osborne, Director, Arup. (here) Charlotte Eddington, Investments Director, Abundance. (here)