Press Releases

  1. Press Release. December 1, 2021. The Green Investment Report for Cumbria Launches. See the press release. The report outlines a pipeline of transformative and deliverable projects which can contribute billions to Cumbria and reduce millions of tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions every year to help tackle climate change. These opportunities capitalise on Cumbria’s wealth of renewable and natural assets and the report highlights various finance mechanisms.
  2. Press Release. June 16, 2021. A Partnership to Galvanise Green Investments for Cumbria Launches. See the press release. A range of partners including EdenWorks Green, Cumbria Action for Sustainability (CAfS), Arup, the Grantham Research Institute, eftec, Ian Callaghan and Associates and others have come together to create a green investment plan for Cumbria.
Photo: The Lambrigg Windfarm near Kendal, Cumbria. Photo Credit: CAfS